Indulgence Medi Spa


You can come to Indulgence for the best waxing experience of your life. Our expert aestheticians are ready to provide you with whatever depilatory service you need, whenever you need it! You can work with us to schedule an appointment that fits with your schedule and that is as comfortable as you require.

Not all waxing needs to be a painful affair full of stress or anxiety. We’re sure that you can receive the wax service that you’ve always wanted without having to endure pain or discomfort.

In terms of exact services, we offer waxing for the brows, back, lips, chin, ears, arms and legs, and much more, and you can customize your order to include some or all of those available areas depending on your needs. We also offer popular waxing services like Brazilian female waxes or bikini waxes; we are the perfect location to book an appointment to make sure your body is summer season ready.

Our waxing services are a great choice to prepare for special events, such as a wedding. We can make sure that your skin is ready for whatever you need, and our waxing process won’t leave your skin inflamed or irritated. Instead, you’ll experience smooth, hairless skin as perfect as it was the day you were born.

Additionally, we allow the booking of waxing parties so you can come with your friends or family and all get waxed together. Be sure to let us know ahead of time if you want to book a large appointment for a big group of people and we’ll work our hardest to accommodate your needs and schedule. You can also ask about extra or custom waxing services you need for your specific body or appearance goals. We strive to make every visit to our premises personable and all about you!

No matter which wax treatment you choose, our staff will remain professional and friendly all the time. They say that bonding over your waxing appointment can net you some of the best friends you’ll ever meet. Why not come down to Indulgence and let us take care of you and your friends? Chances are, we’ll all have a great time.

Our wax treatments begin at $10-$12.