Indulgence Medi Spa

Permanent Makeup

There’s no doubt that morning makeup routines soak up tons of personal time when you add up all of those events in a week. Say that it takes you only a half-hour each morning to do your makeup. That’s 3 ½ hours per week that you could use to do anything else! At Indulgence Medi-Spa, we offer permanent makeup treatments that are designed to free up that time for whatever you please without giving up the aesthetic improvement that makeup brings to the table.

Permanent makeup might sound a little intimidating, but don’t worry! Our makeup experts are well-equipped to provide you with natural looking permanent makeup that you won’t distinguish from your regular stuff. Permanent makeup, when done correctly, can make you look as beautiful as ever but save you lots of time each week.

Permanent makeup isn’t quite as permanent as the name suggests, too. So if you ever want to remove it, the makeup can be erased with laser treatments and will naturally fade away on its own, anyway. All in all, our permanent makeup services are ideal for women who want to spend less time worrying about their face and more time enjoying life.

Specifically, we at Indulgence offer phenomenal microblading appointments. This type of permanent makeup process deposits darker pigment into your skin like tattoos do but use a blade rather than a needle. The resulting process allows us to simulate the look of eyebrows. You can permanently get your brows done in as little as an hour and a half.

Because the pigment fades over time, most of our guests who ask for microblading appointments book a couple in advance to ensure that their new, permanent eyebrows are as bold and perfect as they imagined.

We can also give you permanent eyeliner makeup. Lots of women hate applying eyeliner already because it requires such a steady hand. We can use European-style acupuncture to bring color into the lash line of your eyes. This perfectly mimics the appearance of dark eyeliner, only this stuff won’t melt away when you’re in humid weather or go see a sad movie!

Permanent lip liner is another specialty of ours. It’s basically a mild tattoo that we draw right on your lips, using color around the border of your mouth to improve its contrast with the rest of your face and embolden your smile. Our permanent lip liner appointments are popular due to their excellent results and the skilled hands of our aestheticians and staff. While lips are sensitive for everyone, we’ll numb yours before we begin so that your entire appointment from start to finish is comfortable and relaxing.

Whatever your permanent makeup goals and needs, we’re sure we can accommodate you with a booking as soon as you like. Give us a call at (615) 889-4333 and we’ll be happy to free up all that makeup time!