Other Services

Other Services

While our main services are what make us famous, we’re partnered with the phenomenal Pattie Rose. She runs her own health and wellness center as a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Under her skilled care, you can book several other helpful services when you need them most.

Pattie Rose can help you with digestive disorders that might be cramping your style and making your daily activities uncomfortable. Acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, and more are all relevant disorders that she’s equipped to assist you with. She’ll focus on reaching the root cause of each symptom and determining what’s causing all the discomfort before prescribing the perfect treatment or solution.

weight management

In today’s modern world with its modern diets, weight management is a struggle for many of us. That’s why Pattie Rose can help you with your weight management. As a wellness expert, Pattie focuses more on discovering what imbalances are causing your overeating habits. After all, weight management isn’t just a matter of calorie counting. Instead, an overweight lifestyle is usually a symptom of imbalance throughout the body. Discovering and alleviating that imbalance can often lead you to a quick recovery.

Pattie Rose is also skilled when it comes to hormone balancing and restoration. Women, especially, suffer from hormonal fluctuation and in balanced relatively frequently, largely due to biology. But hormones make a huge difference in daily energy levels and lifestyle vitality. By scheduling an appointment with Pattie Rose, you can take advantage of her expertise and life experience and figure out how to correct your hormone imbalance. In no time at all, you’ll be feeling better than ever.

Have an autoimmune disorder? Pattie Rose can help you manage it. These types of disorders are usually caused by the body’s natural immune system over triggering repeatedly. The immune system will eventually attack itself or the host body to which it belongs. That makes these types of diseases extremely tricky for most doctors or medicinal philosophies to treat. Pattie Rose will focus on determining what is triggering your immune system’s overeager response. By identifying the root cause of the problem, treatment can be more easily administered. You’ll be able to reduce the inflammation your body is experiencing and see results fast by booking an appointment at (615) 889-4333.

Mold sicknesses are another area of expertise for Pattie Rose. Lots of homes might have too much mold growing in the walls are on the ceiling without their occupants even knowing it! But mold sicknesses a serious deal and can cause significant symptoms even in healthy adults. In some cases, mold sickness can be life-threatening or life-altering if it isn’t taken care of as soon as possible. Let Pattie Rose help you identify whether you are suffering from mold sickness and help you treat the issue soon.