Indulgence Medi Spa


At Indulgence, our multistep facial treatments are second to none. All of our facial appointments will result in your skin feeling cleansed, exfoliated, and newly nourished thanks to our well-crafted formulas and skilled staff. As the second most popular spa treatment (after massages, of course), we’re experts when it comes to this service. Any one of our facials will result in your skin attaining a younger, healthier, more hydrated complexion that is sure to turn heads and bolster your confidence.

Unlike many other medi-spas, we offer customized facials for both men and women! Our “His” deep cleansing facial is particularly robust and targets trouble spots that are common to men all over the world. Specifically, this spatial option focuses on deeply cleansing and exfoliating the pores of our male guests. Men typically have larger pores and women anyway, so it’s important to thoroughly clean these out before moving on to any other aspect of the facial process.

We’ll remove large blackheads that remain troublingly stuck when you try to get rid of them with all remedies. Once we remove the blackheads, we can clean out those pores and make it less likely that you’ll suffer an acne breakout in the future. This deep cleansing facial has the ability to totally relax the muscles of your face and induce a meditative state.

To push this even further, we’ll finish the appointment with an excellent massage of your neck, shoulders, and upper back. These are common spots where men and women alike carry a lot of their stress and unconsciously twist their muscles. Let us alleviate some of that burden and untwist your muscles and leave you feeling like new. These facials start at $80 per appointment.

Of course, our feminine facial options are also excellent. The “Hers” customized deep cleaning facial service also incorporates a deep cleanse of your face’s pores. We’ll extract dirt and debris from deep within the pores of your face and thoroughly exfoliate all of your pores to get rid of larger blackheads and eliminate the possibility of acne breakouts. We will use a masque that nourishes and hydrates your skin even as we deeply clean it. This is sure to keep things comfortable and delightful and prevent your skin from feeling irritated or inflamed throughout the process.

Naturally, we’ll follow up with a massage, and you get to choose how thorough the massage is. We can do your neck, shoulders, and upper back just like we do for men. But we also have a scalp massage option. This can be particularly refreshing, as the scalp is a place that’s seldom visited by many other spas. You can even incorporate this massage with our other hair-care services and solutions. Like the male version, these facials begin at $80 per appointment.

But that’s not all. We also offer a customizable facial add-on that you can incorporate into whatever appointment you wish. We can add dermaplaning to your appointment: this will remove the topmost layers of your skin to get rid of fine wrinkles. But we can also do this to alleviate deeper acne scarring. Since it’s such a safe procedure, you can rest assured that you’ll feel comfortable and refreshed when you visit our certified dermatologist. Dermaplaning can be particularly effective for men with deep acne scars that they received during their puberty years. Dermaplaning starts as a $15 additional fee.

You can also add a microdermabrasion procedure to your facial appointment. This procedure isn’t very invasive but it can significantly improve your skin tone and texture far beyond the abilities of a standard facial. It’ll reduce the effects of sun damage and get rid of wrinkles and aging spots alike. It can even help your acne appear less severe or help you remove acne scars entirely. Like dermaplaning, adding this extra service into your facial routine starts at only an extra $50.

Finally, you can add one of our top-rated chemical peel treatments to your facial appointment. The extra charge can be as little as $30 depending on the exact peel, and we’ll simply add it into your designated time slot so there’s no scrambling to make things fit.

These custom options aren’t the only choices available. Once you book an appointment, we’ll be happy to hear what you would like from your facial experience and we can customize our routine based on your needs or your skincare goals. After all, the appointment is about you!

At Indulgence, we want to take care of you as well as possible. Give our facials a try and you’ll see exactly what we mean