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We at Indulgence Medi Spa aren’t just in the business of relaxation; we’re here for your improvement, too. To that end, we provide several Botox and Dysport treatments for those who need them. Our specialists can help you determine which of the two treatments will be better for your needs and body.

Both treatments are applied through the use of a particular type of botulinum toxin. This might sound a bit intense, but don’t worry! It’s the same procedure that Botox treatment centers across the world use every day. Medically, these compounds can help treat muscle spasms since they relax the muscles in the local injected area.

But you can also use these treatments to relieve wrinkles and prevent them from showing up, even as your face makes the same expressions as it did before. The biggest difference between the two treatments is in how potent their proteins are. Let’s break down each service individually so you can have a better idea of which might be better for your goals.

Botox – Our Botox treatment uses a standard Botox formula injected under the supervision of our trained medical professionals. Our Botox treatment is especially effective for treating for headlines, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines across your face. It’s effective for treating dynamic and static wrinkles alike.

Due to the difference in proteins and formula composition, Botox treatments usually take up to five days before results are truly visible in wide-scale fashion. So don’t worry if your face isn’t quite what you imagined after the injection! Our service will include a follow-up appointment to make sure that the injection proceeded correctly. In addition, Botox tends to last longer in our patients as opposed to Dysport. Of course, our Botox treatment is pricier at $13 per unit, with the exact unit amount for your treatment depending on the recommendation from your doctor and your desires.

Dysport – Dysport is a newer treatment and Botox and is more effective than the latter at treating glabellar lines in particular. Glabellar lines are those wrinkles that are usually found between your eyebrows and which extend up toward the center of your forehead. They can artificially increase how old you look, which is never what we want!

Dysport is faster acting than Botox and our treatment will provide you with visible results within 1 to 2 days. This is partially because Dysport injections are usually a couple of centimeters deeper than Botox injections. Don’t worry, though; our doctors are well trained and will ensure your comfort through every step of the process. One advantage of using Dysport over Botox is that we can offer it at a much lower price; Dysport units start at $13 a unit, so you may be able to afford a more intensive or all-encompassing treatment for less money overall. But Dysport doesn’t last as long as Botox, so you’ll need to return for another injection sooner rather than later.

Whichever treatment you choose, our specialists will watch you carefully and be right at your side if there are any signs of side effects. We can also assist you with scheduling follow-up appointments for spacing out your treatment over several smaller appointments if that’s more comfortable for you. Let us know how we can help you by calling us today at 615-889-4333